You and your pet on your Wedding Day

You and your pet on your Wedding Day

So you’re getting married!!! You want to try and involve everyone you love and care about in your day but what if ‘everyone’ you love includes your pet? Well it seems to be that involving your pet in your big day is an increasing and most adorable trend that has us talking.

However it is not just as easy as getting your loveable basset to turn up on the day so here are some ideas to make sure you are fully prepared for you and your pet on your wedding day.


Having your pet at your wedding will shape a lot of the decisions you make including when and where you choose to get married. Make sure you check that you can have animals at your ceremony whether its at the church, registry office or your wedding venue and that they are happy to work with animals. Also ensure that the reception venue is set up for this too.

Take time and ask questions

Take time to think about what role you want your pet to have. Do you want them to arrive with you? to walk down the aisle with you, be the ring bearer, be the meeter and greeter outside, pose for photos? All are options.

When you go to visit your wedding venues take some time to have a look around and ask about ‘emergency’ exits in case your pet starts barking, getting excited or worried and needs some time out. Also ask whether you can bring them on a few visits before your wedding day so that they have the opportunity to get used to the place and environment.









Refreshments and toilet breaks

Have a bowl of water and lots of treats at the venues and maybe a favourite toy. Make sure there are lots of toilet breaks and bring disposable bags to clear up any unwanted business.









Pet sitters

Although you have immeasurable love for your pet not everyone shares the same love so try to take this into consideration, for example if it’s your dog maybe keep them on a lead around your guests. What is a good idea is to try and enrol some pet loving guests or even a pet sitter who can help take care of them through the day so that everyone, including your pet has a chance to relax and enjoy themselves. Make sure your pet is never unattended as being in a new unfamiliar place can lead to stress and accidents.

Down time

It is important to consider how long you want your pet to stay with you on you wedding day. Large groups of people, having lots of photographs, being fussed over can be quite stressful for them so think about down time. It might be having a separate space for them – a room in the hotel, a ‘pop up’ outside the marquee…you know what your pet needs. A good idea might be to organise someone to take them home before the evening music starts.

Wilkswood Wedding Venue

Wilkswood wedding venue is the perfect venue to involve your pet in your wedding day. It is located in the beautiful Purbecks and is a big open space that would allow for all the considerations listed above. In addition it is exclusively yours for the whole weekend and includes the services of award winning wedding planners.






Enjoy enjoy enjoy

Despite all these considerations and preparations having your pet involved in your day makes for some treasurable moments and long lasting memories. So ENJOY

Here at Camelot Marquees we provide free site visits to discuss all your wedding ideas, including how to involve your pet. We love to work collaboratively to create your perfect look and are always happy to answer any questions, and provide quotations. Just call or email us on and we can start planning.



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