World’s most expensive marquee!

World’s most expensive marquee!

You may have heard in the news this week that the BBC have lost the rights to broadcast the Great British Bake Off to Channel 4. And as a result, all the talent i.e. Mel, Sue, Mary and probably Paul too will not transfer over. Which means that Channel 4 have just spent £24 million on an empty marquee.

Obviously, our marquees are considerably cheaper so if you’re planning an event or wedding in Dorset for 2017 you won’t have to bid against any TV companies! But it got us thinking about some of the biggest tents that money can buy so here is our top five:

5. London’s O2 arena: The dome is one of the largest of its type in the world. Externally, it appears as a large white marquee with twelve 100 m-high yellow support towers, one for each month of the year, or each hour of the clock face, representing the role played by Greenwich Mean Time. In plan view it is circular, 365 m (one metre for each day in a standard year) in diameter. It has become one of the United Kingdom’s most recognisable landmarks.

4. The Pyramid Stage, Glastonbury, is the most instantly recognised festival stage in the world. Rising from the site of a blind spring close to the Glastonbury Abbey/Stonehenge ley line, it is now in its third incarnation.

3. Carson and Barnes Circus. Billed as the world’s biggest big top. The Carson and Barnes Circus celebrates their 80th tour of the United States this year featuring an assortment of human and animal performers, led by the biggest stars of the Circus – The Incredible Carson & Barnes Elephants!

2. Decagon tent If you are serious about your camping and fancy replicating the look of Moonbase Alpha from Space 1999 but in canvas then have a look at this. These cool adaptable tents can be arranged into endless honeycomb-shaped combinations to make the resulting structure as roomy as you want it. Designed by Japanese outdoor company Logos, the tents are the recent winners of Japan’s GOOD Design Award. The innovative modular tents also look really cool and cozy when they’re lit up from the inside.


1. Khan Shatyr, billed as the world’s biggest tent, is the latest addition to Kazakhstan capital Astana’s futuristic skyline. Designed by acclaimed British architect Norman Foster, it houses indoor beaches and waterfalls, as well as a mini golf course and botanic gardens. Its Turkish builders call it the King Among Tents.

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