Wedding Table Inspiration

Wedding Table Inspiration

So you know who is coming to your wedding and you have all your numbers. The next job is to work out who is going to sit where!!!!! It can be such a tricky decision thinking where to sit everyone and who to sit with who without offending anyone. With the trend ‘anything goes’, this also applies to your wedding furniture. Here’s a few to inspire.

Round Tables

Round tables are a great choice in that they are so sociable, you can see and talk to everyone on the table. When decorating make sure your flowers or accessories are either above or below eye level so that you can see everyone on your table. Round tables are often covered in linen to finish off the look. Traditionally this is white giving a clean and crisp finish to match any flower and accessory colour scheme. But as with everything traditions are changing and coloured table linen is seen more and more. I really like the beautiful and romantic trend towards soft metallics for table linen.

Trestle Tables

These are great for a less traditional look look and can be put together to create stunning lines. These are also covered with linen and are perfect for simple floral arrangements running down the middle of the table. They can take the stress out of the seating plan and make a beautiful alternative to the round table but still in keeping with the romantic feel.

Rustic wooden tables and benches

These are becoming ever popular at weddings, especially the more rustic and boho whimsical weddings on trend. They look fantastic, don’t require linen and are perfect to show case wild flowers and tee lights.


Top Table

Traditionally the top table has been a rectangle table which seated the wedding party. But again breaking with tradition this doesn’t have to be the case and other alternatives to this can work really well. Arched tables looks great and opens the wedding party out to their guests. Oval tables can look amazing and be placed in the middle of the table layouts. Some brides don’t even have a top table and they sit in and amongst their guests or they sit with their new husband on a ‘sweetheart’ table.


Table plan displays

We are always so inspired by how creative our brides and groom are in the way they choose to display information at their wedding. Here are a few ideas that we’ve seen at weddings last season.


Along with the variation in tables there is also a choice of chairs you could have. Again here are a few to inspire.

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