Top styles in UK wedding photography

Top styles in UK wedding photography

Now that you’re getting married (well done, by the way) you need to consider how you’d like to record your big day. If we wind the clock back 20 years, you would probably have had a single photographer shooting roll film on a Hasselblad or similar camera and he or she would have shot anywhere between 5 and 20 rolls of film. Which equates to 60 to 240 pictures. And if you were particularly flush you might have had a videographer with a lumpy VHS camcorder.

Today, with modern digital camera technology photographers can work quicker, take more pictures and, because they have the ability to review straight away, be more adventurous with styles. So lets have a look at some key trends you can expect to see for your Dorset wedding in 2017.

Two photographer weddings

It might seem an extravagance but a photographer cannot be in two places at once so its an increasingly common practice to have a second shooter for your big day. Typically it can mean the lead photographer taking control and setting up formal shots and set pieces while number two can concentrate on candid pictures.

Black and white (monochrome)

Back to the future indeed! Although with digital capture, the RAW files can be colour or black and white, expect to see at least some of your shots processed into monochrome. It’s incredibly stylish and when done well can elevate an ordinary picture into a work of art


I’m sure you’ve seen the faded colours and retro feel of instagram filters, so why not go the whole hog and choose a photographer who has a feel for retro. There are quite a few photographers who specialise in this hipstery look so keep an eye out for that style if you favour a little retro chic.

Location shoots

If you’re getting married somewhere exotic and have arranged a marquee for your guests you can have lots of fun with a location shoot. Maybe by the beach, or a Country house, it’s your call.

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