Tips for organizing an outdoor party

Tips for organizing an outdoor party

Organising an outdoor party can be a daunting task if you’ve never done it before. Here are ten useful things to think about. First things first, you need to think about choosing a suitable location. Your back garden might be big enough for a smaller party if it has room for a pop up gazebo, but on a larger scale you’d need to think about hiring some land and a marquee. If your party is in a residential area, another important thing to consider is disturbance caused by your party. You may want to notify your neighbours and make sure your party doesn’t go on too late.

On the subject of time, you have to make sure that the starting and ending times of your party are very clearly defined. This is important for the reason stated above, and to make sure that you can clean up afterwards. Hopefully you won’t have much to clean up because you’ve made sure there are plenty of places for people to dispose of their rubbish. This helps to minimize littering which could be a big issue if you’re on hired land. Depending on the amount of people coming to your party, parking could be a major issue. Many people will be coming in cars, and they will need a suitable place to park.

An important part of a good outdoor party is entertainment, which normally consists of music. If your party is big enough that you want to book musicians for the event, make sure to arrange it far in advance with them in case any details change. No matter what the weather is, musicians at an outdoor party will probably expect shelter and require a power supply. This means you will need to obtain marquees and hire a generator. If you can, find a marquee hire company close to you, or by recommendation.

Once that’s sorted out, you will need to think about catering. People coming to a party will expect food and drink, and you need to make sure you have enough for everyone coming. Even if you’ve hired a marquee, it’s still a good idea to keep checking weather forecasts and be well prepared for inclement weather. You may wish to consider hard flooring or matting for your marquee and if possible, keep a supply of umbrellas handy. Finally, on the subject of people, you need to think about writing invitations to people who are attending, especially in the case of a wedding if you plan on hosting a bigger event with members of the public, you will need to publicise your party beforehand.

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