Themed Weddings: Medieval

Themed Weddings: Medieval

medieval shieldThemed Weddings: Medieval

Ever fancied being a beautiful maiden or a handsome knight? Want something completely different for your wedding that will keep people talking for years to come? Well, how about a medieval themed wedding? It may sound crazy but there are many people who choose this style of wedding and a number of venues for hire that cater for such an event. As with all themes you can use them as a loose guide to steer the wedding planning and guests to your preferred choice, or you can go the whole hog and transform everything from the outfits to the food and location.

If you’re only wishing to add a touch of the medieval to your nuptuals then perhaps finding a venue, such as a castle may be a good start. You will be able to dress the venue to your desired theme and add little touches here and there to make things more authentic. It may be the case that you will have a more classic wedding ceremony and save the medieval fun for the reception. The choices are vast and worth considering, especially if the budget is tight.

For those who are planning to take it to the max, then finding an organisation catering specifically in this type of wedding will take all the strain out of planning your big day. Fantaysia Limited is one such company. Based in Rotherham, South Yorkshire they specialise in medieval themed weddings and events. They are the only company in England to supply the theme in its entirety. From costumes, to food, props and entertainment, to their own tavern and special gifts. It is truly the ultimate in medieval themed weddings.


medieval scrollThemed weddings are becoming as popular as traditional weddings, with couples choosing to provide an alternative style of day for both themselves and their guests. Most recently, Facebook co-founder and billionaire Sean Park announced that he and his fiancée will be having a medieval themed wedding. The fancy dress loving couple have sent out Save the Date cards that look like medieval scrolls and are said to be having costumes custom made for their guests. Back in the real world where not everyone is a billionaire or marrying one, there have to be considerations as to whether you can afford the whole medieval shebang. Another thing to take into account is if you want your guests to dress the part or if you’re happy for them to adhere to a more relaxed or traditional dress code.

Having a handfasting ceremony is also something you may like to think about. This age old tradition can add an additional dimension to your wedding day and fits extremely well with the medieval theme. The predominately Pagan ceremony is usually held outside and can be a wonderful way to celebrate the day.

Not all weddings need to look as if you’re in the midst of a film set, take it as seriously as you wish and let your imagination run riot. Make your wedding something that will be a talking point both on the day and long after, and think of the fun you’ll have looking back over the photos!

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