Themed weddings: Festivals

Themed weddings: Festivals

For many, the thought of the traditional wedding really isn’t their cup of tea; so finding an exciting and fun alternative may be at the top of the list when it comes to planning the wedding. Most couples who have a themed wedding tend to have a firm idea in mind that reflects their job, hobby or personality. The guests are likely to be expecting something out of the ordinary when the nuptials are announced so the themed idea may not be a surprise!

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Outdoor weddings are becoming more and more popular as couples look for something less traditional and conformative. One of the best-loved al fresco weddings is a festival themed day. The relaxed approached appeals to most age groups, however the festival theme does lean more towards younger couples or those with a young family or lots of friends. Having a less restrictive venue offers greater flexibility when it comes to the layout and positioning of guests. Although the term ‘relaxed’ has been used to describe a festival themed wedding, this by no means implies any less organising than a more traditional style big day.

Finding a suitable area to hold your ceremony will be the biggest item on your to do list, though luckily the scope of wedding venues has increased dramatically in recent years, with licenses being granted to a wide variety of places. Where once upon a time no one would have dreamt of holding their wedding in a barn or field, now there is a great selection of landowners willing to allow services to take place, making an alternative wedding venue a more attractive prospect.

Wilkswood marqueeHolding your wedding outside is a risky business in the UK as good weather can be almost impossible to predict. Making sure you have some kind of cover, in the form of a marquee or barn is something well worth considering. Couples may prefer to hold the ceremony outside in the sunshine and have their guests seated within the sheltered area for the food and speeches.

Catering for a festival style wedding is all part of the fun. They lend themselves perfectly to BBQ’s, picnics and burger vans, giving a great choice to suit most budgets. Another thing to consider and arguably one of the most important at a festival themed wedding is music. Arranging for your favourite musicians to play will give your wedding that authentic festival feel and takes away the need for the more obvious after hours DJ and smoke machine! When organising your music, get things sorted early, as good musicians may be busy and the later you leave bookings the more costly they can become.

We all know that festivals aren’t well known for the quality of the wash facilities. Don’t let your wedding be the same. Take time to investigate exactly what your venue can offer and if it is left up to you, spend the money on reliable, decent portaloo’s and basins so both you and your guests can enjoy the day in comfort.

Let’s see, that’s the venue, music, food and sanitary facilities covered, how about your first night and guest accommodation? The first thing that springs to mind is: tents. This relatively inexpensive option is perfect to fit with the festival theme. Depending on your budget, you may be able to supply camping equipment or if money is a concern, arrange an area for your guests to camp safely for the night. If you’d rather step in up a notch then hiring campervans or teepees are a great twist that your guests will love. There are many companies who will hire retro campers and/or high-end camping gear designed to make your special day a memorable one.

welly bootsOooh, I nearly forgot. Before all preparation you’ll need to send out your invitations and what better way to ‘advertise’ your WedFest, than as a flyer? Design your own festival poster making your wedding as enticing as an actual music festival and you’re sure to have those RSVP’s flying in in no time. After all, who wouldn’t want to go to an intimate festival with all their friends for free? Just don’t forget your wellies!

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