Themed weddings: Beach

Themed weddings: Beach

 If you’re dreaming of having your wedding on a sun drenched beach, with golden sand stretched before you and azure waters lapping at your feet, then you’re not likely to think of the UK. Well, of course I can’t guarantee the fine weather, however holding your wedding on one of the UK’s glorious beaches isn’t such a crazy idea.

wedding beach feetPossibly the most famous and unique of these locations is Tunnels Beaches. This stunning venue offers a thatched gazebo overlooking the sea, so there is no need to worry about the weather conditions. Set in a network of hand carved tunnels this Devon based retreat has an air of mystery and glamour surrounding it, with various options for photo opportunities.

For those looking for beachfront wedding grandeur, then the Tregenna in nearby St Ives may be what you’re looking for. Tregenna Castle is the dramatic backdrop with the beautiful white beach being the view; this excellent wedding venue has everything to offer both large and small parties. Ceremonies can be held on the beach, with your evening reception guests gathering in the 18th century building.

Of course there are many such venues licensed to carryout wedding’s across our green and pleasant land, so have a good snoot around for which beach setting suits you best. Due to the nature of the wedding, it is probably more important to book well in advance as it is less likely you’ll want your nuptials to take place during low season. Most couples will be competing for the prime summer spots, so get booking as soon as you’ve found your ideal location.

The venue you choose may mean that the dress code for the day can be relaxed. If the whole event is to take place on the beach and you’re having beach couplethe ceremony followed by a beach BBQ; then allow your guests to arrive dressed appropriately. Have you ever tried wearing heels and walking in the sand? Also, if you’re lucky enough to grab one of the high summer dates and do have scorching weather, your friends and family will appreciate the fact that they have been allowed to wear breathable summer wear and not a top hat and tails. We all want our wedding days to look smart and well presented, but having your best man pass out due to heat exhaustion isn’t what you’re going for! By no means does it have to be a shorts and flip flop affair, but a happy compromise will make everyone’s life easier.

On the other hand, maybe you do wish to go the whole hog and have a Hawaiian inspired wedding with guests dressed in bikini’s and hula skirts? No? Just me? I’ve gone to far! All I’m saying is that there are ways of making your UK based beach wedding a success and comfortable for all attending. It’s a shame we can’t predict nice weather, but hey, this is the UK after all. Whatever happens, I’m sure you’ll employ a stiff upper lip and be calm and carry on!

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