Thats why you need a marquee from Camelot

Thats why you need a marquee from Camelot

Marquees for all occasions

Wilkswood marqueeOpen ground events benefit from installing marquees for guests. Just like camping tents they allow you to enjoy the exhilaration of nature around you, marquees provide the ideal shelter for privacy and protection from the elements during any large outdoor gathering, whether for a few hours or for days. Fairground exhibitions, traveling circus shows, trade shows, horse races, F1 events, and athletic competitions, for instance, are best served with marquees that can function as an event registration and administration office or a venue event. Swimming pools can be sheltered with marquees, as well as your private collection of vintage cars. On a personal level, marquees can add a touch of enchantment and elegance when erected during special occasions like weddings held outdoors, in gardens or open parks for seating guests in a banquet or having a dance floor.

Wedding marquees at their finest


Indeed, why settle for the ordinary traditional setting for that once-in-a-lifetime party when you can take the great outdoors for a uniquely memorable setting? Only the best will do and to make sure everything works as planned, do yourself a favour and hire the services of a professional team like Camelot Marquees. No need to acquire one since you only need a marquee for a few hours.

Based in Dorset, we are marquee hire specialists that also offer related services for special open ground events across central southern England. From simple to the most elaborate, and from marquee installation to takedown, we have a range of the latest clear span marquee designs and styles to accommodate anywhere from a few friends to the hundreds of guests you have invited for the occasion.

Beyond erecting the right wedding marquees.

From party furniture like tables and chairs, linen, to a licensed mobile bar, we offer catering services packaged to your requirements to free you from the hassles of organizing your garden event. And if you’re own garden is not big enough to entertain the number of guests you have in mind, consider Wilkswood Wedding Venue. Camelot Marquee offers its wide expanse of majestic scenery set in the rustic Isle of Purbeck countryside as the perfect setting for any outdoor wedding and reception. Our Wilkswood venue houses a range of facilities for the wedding couples, ample parking spaces, and provides guests with opportunities to camp onsite. There’s even a wedding manager to organize and oversee nothing less than a successful and memorable wedding event.

A magical flourish to wedding marquees

At Camelot Marquees, we use only clear span marquees that are not encumbered by obtrusive guy ropes and internal and centre poles to support structural frames but use wall pillars that maximize internal space, so you can even have a dance floor right in the middle. Marquees may look like huge camping tents but with clear span types, they can look more like houses with windows that allow more natural light and hard wood doors can be fitted on their wall support. This puts them above traditional marquees in terms of installation convenience, functionality and aesthetic elegance. You can also have the option to have the marquee lined inside and floored. And with our marquee lighting system, evening wedding receptions never looked so entrancing with a magical festive ambiance that is perfect for dancing and dining.

Give Camelot Marquees a call or visit our website at We take the load and worry off your mind so you can better enjoy the occasion as you should.

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