Places to Honeymoon in the UK

Places to Honeymoon in the UK

honeymoon holidayChoosing where to take your honeymoon can be one of the most fun decisions to make when planning your wedding. While many couples take the far-flung option and fly off to exotic destinations such as Fiji or the Maldives, there are some spectacular locations throughout the UK that make beautiful honeymoon destinations, without the need for a long haul flight and jet lag.

OK, so in the UK you’re not always guaranteed the best weather, however, to some romantic settings aren’t all about sun kissed beaches and azure waters. Those who enjoy the good ol’ British seaside, countryside and all our cities have to offer can find some wonderful packages available to transport them into a honeymoon wonderland.



Rugged coastlines, mountain ranges and remote countryside all lend themselves to being a great place to escape the world and spend time as newlyweds. Whether you choose to stay in a majestic country estate, a small intimate cottage or a grand country lodge, the breathtaking scenery and crisp highland air is sure to get the romantic muscles pumping!


Renowned for its greenery, Wales is the perfect honeymoon retreat for those after a slower pace of life in luscious surroundings. Historic buildings a plenty, there are no shortage of grand places to stay in Wales. As well as the inland spots, there are also beautiful costal towns and quaint villages playing host to a variety of boutique hotels with fantastic seas views.


This Celtic gem is full of wonder and draws many holidaymakers to its shores every year. It makes a perfect honeymoon destination for couples looking for romance and mystery. Kiss the Blarney Stone and dine in a castle or take in the atmosphere at one of the local pubs. Finding a remote idyll isn’t difficult with mile upon mile of countryside at your disposal, you can truly be by yourselves and enjoy the beginning of married life.


union jack flagWhether it’s costal or countryside, city or dale, I defy anyone not to find somewhere in England to take the ideal honeymoon. Relax on one of our many amazing beaches or pamper yourself in in the grandeur of a stately home spa nestled amongst glorious countryside. If self-catering is your thing, rent a luxury cliff top hideaway by the sea or delve into chocolate box country and stay in a thatched cottage.

Above are just some ideas to wet your appetite when planning a honeymoon in the UK. There are hundreds of romantic and breathtaking properties all over the country offering the perfect setting for your first holiday as man and wife. For those on a tight budget, you’d be surprised just how many unique and interesting places you can find with a little research. From traditional to contemporary, quirky to quaint our divine country truly does offer something to suit every taste. Honeymooning in the UK may not only be better for your bank balance, it also benefits the economy, and while it may be a dull thing to think about when organising your honeymoon, it’s always nice to know you’re doing your bit to help Britain fight back from the brink!

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