Marquee Design and Layout

Marquee Design and Layout

Designing your marquee layout

Hiring a marquee is no small task and a brilliant way to get an idea of design and layout is to get some 2d and 3d drawings created, usually by the company you have chosen to hire your marquee from.  Here at Camelot Marquees we have a small selection of tools, one of which can is available to people who visit our website and is free -( our marquee planner tool).  The other tools are in house and we can provide both 3d and 2d cad drawings to scale, giving the client a very good idea of how things can look and the spaces available to them.

2d Marquee Layouts

The 2d cad drawing as seen in the example above is a great way to figure out seating plans and to see a ‘to scale’ drawing to check everything fits.  The example is a very basic layout, although adding any products is possible as long as the dimensions are known.

3D Cad Design

3D designs offer a great perspective of a complete marquee or section of a marquee.  If you need a 2d or 3d drawing created speak to us


3D Interior Designs

Colour Scheme Designs

Basic Shells


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