Find out about marquee hire bournemouth

Find out about marquee hire bournemouth

We have been providing marquee hire services into Bournemouth for an age and absolutely love this seaside town.. I mean who doesn’t! Bournemouth has a wide range of opportunities for us throughout the season and regular jobs see us installing various different products into private gardens, local hotels and wedding venues.

Recently we acquired the contract to provide marquees for the well known Bournemouth Beach Wedding Venue (read more about that here) which is quite possibly the best wedding venue in Dorset and truly unique in terms of whats on offer.  We highly recommend that you take a look if you are engaged and scouting about the local area for your perfect venue.  You can find out more about this venue by visiting their website –

Designing your marquee layout

Bournemouth or not we can provide a layout design service to help you plan your event.  We have the software available to create both 2d and 3d drawings to scale.  This is a great way to make sure everything fits in as you may imagine and you have enough space for your guests.  In Bournemouth we have installed marquees into some tight places and this is a great tool to reassure you of object sizes and scale.


Bournemouth Events

With a town like Bournemouth there is always something going on at various times of the year.  Below you can see some of the most popular events which are well attended and favorites for many.

Bournemouth Air Festival Established in 2008 the air festival is an official event that takes places around the end of August every year and is a show not to be missed.
Bournemouth Marathon Participate in a run through Bournemouth and its surroundings. There are a range of distances to choose from starting at 5k and going up to a 26 mile marathon.
Bournemouth 7’s The festival began in 2008 and has been growing strong ever since. It is now the largest sports and music festival on the world. Enjoy fun and entertainment including sports such as Rugby, Netball, Dodgeball and Hockey.



















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Bournemouth Air Website


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Bournemouth Marathon Website


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Bournemouth 7’s

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