… but which is better ? Well, Harry Hill would decide it with a fight but let’s compare the pros and cons of both and then you can decide which option would be best for your wedding reception. Let’s start off by considering the most important factor: the food. A hotel will more likely cater to a traditional, sit down wedding breakfast or maybe a buffet. By bringing in your own caterers to your garden marquee you can have whatever you like: traditional, buffet, hog-roast or even an indian banquet.

And to wash all that lovely grub down you might need a drink or two. A hotel will already be licensed so that’s easy but it can prove expensive for you if you’re footing the tab. Outside caterers will always be able to apply for a license to serve alcohol and soft drinks from a bar set up either in your house or the marquee and the drinks prices will be a lot less.

Parking: sometimes this get overlooked until 100 guests try and park up your cul de sac. A hotel will almost always have ample parking space for your guests but you might consider borrowing or hiring a field or a dedicated outdoor venue to cater to even larger numbers. On that same theme, let’s consider entertainment and the noise/time factor. A hotel will require you to finish by a certain time and would have noise limits but if your tastes however are for something a little more ‘raucous’ then a marquee in an out of the way location is the way to go. No neighbours to upset with the volume and you can party till dawn!

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