Hosting your own garden party can prove to be quite a complex task. There is a lot to set up and think about in order to give your guests the best experience. First things first, you should think about your venue. As per the name, a garden party will probably be in your garden, so the first consideration is the size of your garden. Obviously it will need to be of a certain size or larger, and if big enough you probably want to think about putting up a marquee, or multiple marquees. You should also make sure that you have electricity provided from the house, or a generator if you aren’t close enough. This may be needed to power cooking implements or lights if your party is an evening one.

Unfortunately, weather in the UK is often out of control, so you should try and be prepared for all possible conditions. Obviously there are limits to that; don’t think about preparing for snow in the middle of summer. A good host should also provide food for guests, which may mean hiring catering if the event is large enough. Otherwise, a selection of baked goods and classic party food should do the trick. An important point is to arrange the party as far in advance as you can. If your party is announced at short notice, you can guarantee that less people will attend due to other engagements. Your final consideration is to think about parking. This may prove troublesome for a larger event depending on the size of your drive or street outside. If the event is in a rural area, parking in a field could be a good idea so long as you have permission.

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