So we all want the sun to shine on our wedding day but along with the sun can come this intense heat like we are currently experiencing now. And I bet there are some brides and their guests that are struggling with it because when you were planning your wedding this time last year you could have never predicted a heat wave like this. So how do we go about enjoying the weather and your wedding? Here are some ideas to help you 

1. MAKE UP – stick to powder based make up and crayon if you can. Apply primer and illuminators first and use waterproof mascaras. If you are having a professional makeup artist do your wedding make up ask them if they can air brush your make up on as it is sweat, water and tear proof.

2. HAIR – tie your hair in an updo. This will really help keep your neck cool. Simple works well in this heat. Sparkle it up with glittery accessories if you want to. However if you are desperate to wear your hair down make sure you have some dry shampoo to help you out a bit during the days celebrations.

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3. THE GROOM  and his men may want to rethink about what they are wearing as full suits and jackets can be very hot.  Have some flexibility in dress code.

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4. Drinks  – when your guests arrive as well as handing them a glass of bubbly maybe have some pitchers of fruit infused iced water as well for them to help themselves to in order to stay hydrated. Watermelon and mint or strawberry and lime are delicious. You could also ask your catering company to provided iced water for the tables too.

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5. Hand made fans or water misters – You can make your own hand fan or mini water mister sprays, which will help to cool your guests during your wedding.

6. If you’re having an outdoor ceremony. Maybe think about some chair covers so that your guests don’t burn their bottoms or legs

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7. Maybe create a little kit to place in the toilets – suncream, deodorant, body wipes, face blotters, misters and body spray. Ask your bridesmaids to look after blotting paper, powder, and deodorant in a little bag for you if you need it.

8. If there is not much natural shade for your guests try and think about providing parasols for your guests or if it is in a marquee ask your company if they can provide a stretch tent or bell tents for your guests. 

9. Cool treats. Maybe look to hire an ice cream van, cocktail van or even ask your bar if they can provide a few frozen cocktails on their drinks menu

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Here at Camelot Marquees we will help you with all the added advice you may need when planning your wedding. We provide free site visits to discuss all your wedding ideas. We love to work collaboratively to create your perfect look and are always happy to answer any questions, and provide quotations. Just call or email us on and we can start planning.

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