When organising an event that involves using a marquee (or several), an important thing to consider is flooring. Whilst an uncovered floor of grass or dirt might be okay in some situations, there are a lot of advantages to proper flooring. First things first, there’s the weather. If the ground is wet from earlier rain, or it’s raining during the event, muddy floors are an inevitable consequence. The ground may get ruined by peoples’ footsteps, which could be an issue if you’re on hired land. Additionally it could make dirty or ruin peoples’ footwear, which nobody wants.

You could consider placing your marquee on a hard floor such as decking, but that comes with a whole host of extra problems like anchoring the marquee to the ground. So in terms of flooring, many marquee suppliers offer solutions as part of a package, or you might need to buy or rent your own. There is a large selection of hard floors made of materials such as plastic or wood, normally made of interlocking sections. These could also be waterproof, which is important for the reasons stated above.

If you’re trying to create a different sort of atmosphere in your marquee, it might also be worth looking at soft flooring such as carpet or matting. It should be noted that these types of flooring aren’t normally meant to go on the bare ground, but have some kind of protective layer beneath them. Additionally, you should consider dance floors for events like weddings, so that people have an appropriate place to dance. Lastly, you may have to pitch a marquee on a slope or hill in some situations, and in this case you can get scaffolding to keep the marquee level on the slope.

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