There are a lot of considerations to think about when it comes to catering at your outdoor event. Firstly, consider the size of the event and the amount of people coming. Also consider what sort of event it is. It might be a wedding situation, where people are seated in a marquee with silver service or something more open like a car show, with catering vans serving fast food.

If you are hiring caterers for your wedding, you will need to give them plenty of time to set up before the wedding starts, and provide amenities like electricity and shelter. This is where a marquee is very useful. Obviously, the sort of food is an important thing to think about. For some outdoor events, something like a spit roast or a barbeque is ideal, especially if the weather is sunny. Very importantly, you need to provide suitable vegetarian/vegan food as guests may not want to eat, or be able to eat meat and/or animal products.

Many catering companies provide fine dining and silver service, but this won’t come cheap. You’re paying for an extremely premium service which is recommended for a very important event like a wedding. With regards to refreshment, drinks will be expected at virtually all events, especially outdoor events in hot weather. At a wedding, it is recommended to have champagne or sparkling wine for guests, which caterers can supply. If you’re supplying or selling alcohol at your event, then you will require a license from your local council, which your caterer can arrange for you.

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