If you’re planning a wedding, one aspect to think about is transportation. If your wedding is a large event, you will need lots of it. Obviously, people are likely to bring their own cars but there are alternatives. It is fairly safe to assume that the bride and groom, and possibly others will want a special vehicle to transport them. If your event is outdoors, make sure the vehicle has access to the marquee. Traditional choices could include something like a  Rolls Royce or traditional limousine. Likely to be a luxurious classic car, this is often a very good choice. But there are alternatives.

Perhaps something eccentric and eye-catching would suit your needs better. Many hirers can offer classic and modern sports cars or supercars, and something like a classic Lamborghini is definitely going to be an eye-catcher. But all these forms of transport are generally limited to the bride and groom. What if you wanted something that could carry the entire wedding party from the event? The first option you might default to is a stretch limousine, but classic single and double decker buses are a popular choice too. Something like a Routemaster is a good suggestion to have a look at. Some will even offer classic fire engines, which are guaranteed to turn heads.

If none of these options appeal to you, perhaps it’s time for some out of the box thinking. If your wedding location is by a river or lake, perhaps use a boat. Or take your entire wedding party on a train journey. The options are literally limitless.

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