If you’re hosting an outdoor event such as a wedding, you need to think about hiring furniture for the event. Without it, your marquee will look pretty empty, and people will have nowhere to sit down, which may prove troublesome for older guests. In addition, if food is being served people tend to prefer sitting at a table.

In terms of the sort of furniture you can hire, there is a huge host of options. When it comes to chairs, you should think about your budget and the theme/style of your event. If it’s a relatively inexpensive garden party, you could hire white plastic tables and chairs. Though they aren’t stylish they get the job done without much cost. If your event is something like a wedding, and you’ve gone to great expense you may want to go all the way with cushioned wooden chairs and opulent thrones for the bride and groom.

There are also other miscellaneous pieces of furniture which can prove useful at a wedding event. For example, you can get a letterbox for guests to post wedding cards into, or easels for setting up table plans. Also consider miscellaneous elements like lighting. Whilst lighting may not be so important during the day, it will be needed in a marquee at night. These could be decorational features such as fairy lights, or even chandeliers.

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