A Wedding Marquee: What It Is & 4 Reasons Why You’d Want One

A Wedding Marquee: What It Is & 4 Reasons Why You’d Want One

A marquee is a sprawling, open tent that can hold bars, tables, events, and more. Usually, the floor plan is open, and there’s one (or multiple) bars along the walls. Wedding marquees are outfitted to accommodate the guests of the lucky couple, and of course, the walls are always a pristine white.

It’s an easy way to make your wedding memorable if you’re having it outside. Here are the four reasons why wedding marquees are so popular – some are reasons why you’d want a marquee, and some are reasons why you need a marquee.

#1 – A personalized event

Renting out your ideal building can limit your creativity for the wedding – if there are already decorations inside, then you either have to go with them… or painstakingly take them down and put your own up. On top of that, you can’t change the vibe of most venues… the paint, furniture, and other fixed things can’t be modified by you.  There is a level of interior transformations that can be achieved depending on the venue and its flexibility.  For example lining a village hall is a common occurrence for us, however some halls wont allow the fixings required to be able to do this.

Wedding marquees are the polar opposite of that. They’re white, pristine blank slates for you to build off of. Often times, the marquee company will be able to provide you with furnishings, but if you have any ideas of your own, you’ll be able to incorporate them into a marquee exactly as you see fit.

No restrictions! Marquees can give you that “intimate” wedding that you’re hoping for. Because you control everything that’s inside, your wedding day looks exactly how you dreamed it would.

#2 – Drinks, food, and events outside

Having a wedding outside is appealing to some – there’s nothing better than being on the beach or the terrace and soaking up some sun. But as nice as it is, you still need to occasionally be able to get out of the elements.

If you’re eating or drinking, a slight breeze can turn into a huge annoyance. If the sun is beating down on you for hours on end, you’re going to want to step into the shade, even if it’s just for a second. And if it’s hot out, you’re definitely going to want a cool place to retreat inside to. (Men in suits – we’re looking at you!)

Marquees are the solution. They’re portable, so we can bring them anywhere that you choose to hold your wedding. They block the wind. They have a roof. They have climate control. Inside, you can eat, drink, and relax while taking a break from the great outdoors.  Building marquees to a required specification is what we do at Camelot.  This means designing the layout and incorporating the relevant spaces needed to pull off the event you want.  Creating shade, chillout areas, even areas with clear roof panels to take advantage of the light or a beautiful starlit evening, these are part of the many options available.

And you can bring in a local band or DJ to make the environment inside that much more enjoyable.

#3 – A reception without the need to “host”

Want to host your own reception? You’ll have to set your house up beforehand, and truth be told, you’ll probably already be swamped with work for the actual wedding. Then, after the reception is over, you’ll have to clean during the time when you and your loved one should be celebrating. (Or you can celebrate in the aftermath of the reception – neither option is desirable.)

A marquee takes away this annoyance, and you walk back from your wedding into a clean house. Easy.  We also work closely with planners who will be able to run you day from start to finish, installing and setting up decorations, serving guests, even clearing up for you.  Bellissimo Wedding Planners are a prime example of a dedicated professional company who can make your day go smoothly and one to remember.

#4 – Worst case scenario: rain

These days, weather predictions are pretty accurate. Let’s say that they’re 99.9% accurate.

That means that for every 1,000 weddings, there will be one unlucky couple that gets rain on their wedding day when they expected sun. If this happens to you and you’re holding the wedding outside, you won’t have adequate room for everyone, people will be left in the rain… in their very expensive outfits. This is the definition of a disaster, even if it’s only a light drizzle. Or you’ll all be crammed into the limited space that you have, and the day won’t be enjoyable for anyone.

Having a marquee – even just for extra space – is a sure fire way to negate this risk.

We’re not saying that having a marquee for your wedding is 100% vital – if you have plenty of space indoors already, then you can get by without one. But if the wedding is being held outside and there isn’t an inside space conveniently located nearby, you have to get a marquee – see the four reasons above.

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