A Marquee Winter Wedding

A Marquee Winter Wedding

Weddings today are all about the personal touches! its all about the couple getting married and what is personal and meaningful to them. It’s a showcase for who you are and creating an experience for you and your guests to share and make memories together. Photographers are experts in capturing minute parts of reality. Anything goes! So why not have a marquee winter wedding?

In the last few years Dorset has seen a big move towards whimsical and Boho weddings. The vintage trend is still going strong which embraces the pure romance of days gone by. This beautiful trend is perfect for a marquee winter wedding.

With the advances in heating, lighting and flooring and even photography, having a winter wedding in a marquee is truly a possibility.


Indirect heaters can keep a marquee warm and dry leaving you and all your guests feeling snug and toasty while its cold outside. We all know how amazing that feeling is.


All weather flooring provides hard flooring throughout the marquee and entrance walkways so there will be no sinking in the mud or feet getting wet. The framed marquee is weather resistant and furthermore luxury toilet trailers can be linked directly to the marquee therefore no need to go outside.








Lights, lights and more lights! The height of the marquee can be taken advantage of by hanging and draping lights throughout, transforming the marquee into any wonderland you desire. Hanging crystal chandeliers, fairy lights, festoon lights, tee lights, icicles… creating a very romantic atmosphere whilst the night draws in.














Marquees are a blank canvas to style any way you like so when thinking accessories you could embrace all things Winter and Christmas. This includes seasonal flowers, greenery, baubles and colours. We’re seeing lots of metallic colours like soft coppers, bronze and rose golds, which are just perfect for a marquee winter wedding. Coloured drapes and table linen add that extra sparkle in addition to capturing the warmth and love thats in abundance at a time like this. Cakes glistening in the soft lights capture the magic of winter and is seriously seriously pretty.














Here at Camelot Marquees we provide free site visits to discuss all your wedding ideas. We love to work collaboratively to create your perfect look and are always happy to answer any questions, and provide quotations. Just call or email us on info@camelotmarquees.com and we can start planning.

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