A few things to think about when planning your wedding

A few things to think about when planning your wedding

A few things to think about when planning your wedding

Planning a wedding is always a stressful time, but also one that is immensely exciting. Whether you’re the bride, groom or wedding planner, there is always something to do and remember.

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There are couples that will have a specific idea in mind when it comes to what type of wedding they want. Many women have dreamt of this day their entire lives and will have the perfect picture in their imagination (scrapbook, trinket box…!) of what every minute detail will look like. Having a precise plan can be very helpful, especially when relaying your dream to a wedding planner or venue. Of course, it can also cause problems if the ideal is out of reach; budgets may be tight, venues unavailable or perhaps your guests simply aren’t up for participating in a pagan love dance?

While I’m not suggesting you forgo your fantasies on your big day, being realistic and practical is something you’ll have to be. If you’re dreaming of a palace and all you can afford is a small town hall, then get creative. Have friends and family help you with pretty decorations, enquire if you can borrow items you may have seen at a certain place or find out where they bought them and try to barter a deal. Everyone loves a wedding after all and you may be surprised on how people are willing to assist.

love treeIf budget isn’t an issue, then the world is your oyster (ooh oysters, now there’s a thought!). Your day is about the two of you, so make sure you please yourselves, but try to spare a thought for the poor guests who may not want to be in fancy dress or in a ridiculous colour scheme. You’ll want your wedding to be a success and people enjoying themselves is vital. Make sure guests are comfortable and well catered for, but don’t get too bogged down with who sits next to uncle Jim or worry too much about what Aunt Dorothy thinks. The day will fly by, so remembering every moment and drinking it all in – memories, not champagne, will be worth concentrating on. You can’t plan for every eventuality, so just enjoy yourself and make sure to spend quality time with your new spouse.

How are those dance lessons coming along? Not had any yet? When you’re other half say he’s the greatest dancer, do you believe him? As to not make fools of yourselves on your wedding day, it can be a good idea to get some dance lessons. Not everyone needs them, but if dancing isn’t your forte, then get some help. There are many places that teach first dance lessons and they will be used to people of all abilities. If you’re planning something adventurous it is even more important to get the moves as slick as possible. Also bear in mind that while you may be strutting your funky stuff in a tracksuit and lycras during practice, you may find the steps more challenging when wearing your princess dress or tailcoat and top hat. No one wants to be the laughing stock of their own wedding!

Most importantly, try not to loose track of the whole thing. A wedding is supposed to be a romantic and joyful time, so worrying about it all will just taint it. Being methodical and organised in the run up to the big day will help you relax and know you’ve done everything you can to ensure your wedding is as perfect as it can be.

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