8 Creative Wedding Reception Designs

8 Creative Wedding Reception Designs

Here are 8 creative interior designs for wedding receptions.


This interior design uses lots of dark green plants which contrast nicely with the white marquee around the outside.



This design features lots of hanging lights and chandeliers in black which also contrast nicely against the white and have a silhouette appearance.



This more modern design uses blue and pink lights to create a stunning glow effect.



This woodland style wedding reception in a stone cabin works very well.



This design features lots of white flowers and branches, giving the scene a very opulent feel.



This wedding reception is set inside a castle, giving it a very unique feel.



This design uses relatively modern furniture and clean styling, but the designer has made use of an old brewery to give a nice spacious factory setting for the reception.



This wedding reception is set on the ground floor of a huge library, surrounded by balconies and hundreds of bookshelves. It makes for a truly epic setting.

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