3 Things To Check Before Your Marquee Hire

3 Things To Check Before Your Marquee Hire

3 Things To Check Before Your Marquee Hire

A marquee company can do one of two things for you. If the company is a good one, the staff (and the marquee itself) will ensure that your event goes off smoothly. If the company is a bad one and you don’t receive the service you expected, your otherwise-perfect event could go down in flames.

Before you select your marquee hire company – even if you got a referral from a friend – follow these three tips. Nothing is ever guaranteed, and mistakes do happen, but after following these tips, you’ll be able to confidently pick the best marquee hire company that you possibly can.

Tip 1 – Check reviews

We’re not talking about on the company’s website – it’s not hard to pick and choose the best reviews that make a brand look trust-able. You want to go over to the third party review sites like Yelp, cyclex or in our case Facebook.  This is our review platform of choice so its where we ask people to post independent reviews.  It also allows you to see who’s posted them so you can see they haven’t been made up. – see our review page here

Obviously, look at the star rating… but also read each review individually. You’ll be able to garner what the company does well and where people had problems. (Often times, even 5-star reviews will mention one or two problems.)

From doing this, you can narrow down your search. And when you do eventually choose your marquee hire company, make sure to bring up the negative points you saw in the review(s) and ask how the company will address them.

Tip 2 – Ask to see pictures

Marquee salesmen are notorious for hyping up their tents – it is their job, after all. You want to make sure that you like the marquees the company has to offer. Don’t just take their word that you’ll love them.  There are various different types on the market.  Here at Camelot Marquees we only stock and hire clearspan marquees.  Other types include traditional, stretch tents and capri’s.

Pictures are great – ask to see photos from actual events that have been held. It’s easy to make pictures look good if the environment is controlled, so a genuine event will give you a glimpse into how things really look.  It’s also a good source of inspiration for your event.

Tip 3 – Lock down quantities and times beforehand

You know all of the details about your wedding – how many people are going to be there, how much each person eats, etc. – but the marquee hire company does not. You need to articulate this information to them clearly. And when you go to sign the contract, make sure that all of this information is included. If it’s not, the person who drew up the contract may have genuinely forgotten what you needed… and that will come back to bite you on the day of.  It’s good to be thorough.

Let the person you’re talking to know other details, too. You should disclose all of the information about your event – this way, the marquee company that you hire can relay that information to the staff, and you’ll have everyone on the same page.  This should include other suppliers, for example caterers.  This gives a line of communication between the companies involved and allows them to contact each other if needed.  An example with catering company’s maybe the spec of the catering marquee and spec within such as power points and tables.  Company’s who have previous working relationships can be good to have working together as this will also ensure a smooth running behind the scenes decreasing any risk of mishaps.

So as you can see, there isn’t a whole lot that you need to do before choosing a marquee hire company. But you do need to do your homework – if you don’t, the consequences of an error on the day of your event can have a very negative impact on the day. This won’t happen with a good marquee company.

Good luck!


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