10 tips for Planning a Marquee Wedding

10 tips for Planning a Marquee Wedding

Planning a marquee wedding needs a little bit of thought, here are 10 tips to help get you going for your perfect outdoor wedding.


Think about style… the style of you and your partner and all the things that say something about you. This can all be reflected in the type and design of wedding marquee you hire. Frame marquees are so versatile in their style in that they are built to spec and let you consider things like: whether you want windows and doors or open sides for that panoramic view? How much natural light you want – clear roofs to literally dance under the stars? Whether you want round table, square tables or long banqueting ones? Is there anything you wish to incorporate into the marquee – a swimming pool, water feature or favourite tree? The styling options are endless.

Also think about the reception site, is it on for example; grass, concrete or uneven ground as this will also affect the wedding marquee and flooring you require.


You need to think about parking for guests and your suppliers. If parking is in a nearby field then you might want to consider a solid walkway for guests in case it is raining. (Your marquee company can help with this). Make sure you have clear signage so people know where to park and that the route back to the car is lit up well. Other parking options we’ve seen include discussing parking with nearby village halls or pubs and then organising a shuttle service to and from the party.


With a large number of guests attending your wedding you will need to organise some toilets. Gone are the days of the mobile toilets you see at festivals, now you can hire ‘luxury toilets trailers’, that come in a variety of sizes to suit you.


ALWAYS ask how much power and how many plug sockets each supplier will require so that you hire the right size generator. Also ask how many plug sockets they will need. (normally a 13 amp socket.) Camelot are always happy to discuss electrics with you so there are no surprises on the day!


Check with your caterers what size catering marquee they need. You can then discuss with your marquee company where it’s best to place the catering marquee in relation to everything else and whether you want it covered etc. Remember to ask them what electrics they will need.


Once you decided what you’re having, a live band, disco or juke box, take a think about staging and a dance floor and where you might like them to be in the marquee. Also consider whether this area will just be dancing or can it double up for tables and chairs during the food and then moved for the evening party, as this will affect the size of wedding marquee you hire.


When hiring suppliers be aware that they will arrive in large vehicles that will need a good amount of room to move and turn around. This is especially true of mobile toilets. If your access is narrow then you might want to schedule in deliveries. It is important to discuss this with you supplies as soon as you can and just explain it is due to access difficulties.


Weddings today are all about the personal touches! its all about the couple getting married and what is important to them. Anything goes! In the last few years Dorset has seen a big move towards whimsical and Boho weddings. The vintage trend is still going strong which embraces the pure romance of days gone by. This beautiful trend is perfect for a marquee wedding. You can make a marquee look any way you want it to from the elegant to the understated country wedding.



Lights, lights and more lights! Its all about the lighting! Hanging and draping lights can transform the marquee into any wonderland you desire. Hanging crystal chandeliers, fairy lights, festoon lights, tee lights, have all been big this last season. Lighting up the outside space is just as important as inside the marquee. Festoon lighting and lanterns on poles is great for this but also are tee lights in jam jars. Camelot is happy to discuss what lighting options to help you decide.


Use the ceiling

The beauty of marquees is you have so much height to play with. These can be filled with hanging lanterns, bunting and pom poms but we are also starting to see hanging crystals, origami birds or chandeliers. Draping can also be used to create a more intimate feel in a marquee. These come in all different colours and patterns and can create a very dramatic look.

Here at Camelot Marquees we provide free site visits to discuss all your wedding ideas. We love to work collaboratively to create your perfect look and are always happy to answer any questions, and provide quotations. Just call or email us on info@camelotmarquees.com and we can start planning.

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