10 Music Playlists for your Outdoor Event

10 Music Playlists for your Outdoor Event

Here are a selection of music playlists courtesy of Spotify; for all types of outdoor event. Whether you’re hosting a fast paced event with lots of dancing or a classy and refined event, we have the right music for you.


1980s – A brave new era of music, characterised by popular use of synthesisers, the increasing popularity of glam metal and other rock genres, and the rise of R&B and hip-hop.



1970s – These years saw a huge rise in the popularity of disco music, and the birth of electronic music, as well as genres like glam rock and punk.



1950s – This was an era dominated by rock and roll, rhythm and blues, swing, blues, country and rockabilly.



Dance Classics – A playlist consisting of popular electronic dance anthems from the 1970s onwards.



Modern Party Anthems – Contemporary songs from the present day.



Rock Classics – Classic songs from all genres of rock, spanning tens of years. Rock was popularised in the 1950s with the huge rise of genres like rock and roll and blues.



Relaxing Jazz – A subtle and relaxing playlist of jazz classics, dominated by piano.



Big Band Jazz – A genre which rose out of the 1930s into the 1940s, associated with swing and jazz and with large amounts of musicians.



Classic Reggae – Originating in the 1960s in Jamaica, and based on traditional Jamaican folk music, this genre is similar to Ska music, which predates it.



Classical Music – Traditional western music going back hundreds of years, often performed by full orchestras or pianists.


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